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In the last week, the team of volunteers and builders have been hard at work yet again, to lay the foundations for phase 2, AKA BikePark v2.0! A monumental amount of work has gone into finding, preparing, installing and building the Kiddies Track. Now we are taking it to the next level. First will be the installation of another container. The photos below show the team of amazing volunteers and builders doing the literal groundwork for that.

By: Anelda van der Walt On Saturday 22 January my son (12) and I joined the Kleinmond Cycle Club (KCC) “leisure group” on a ride out to Betty’s Bay. The “leisure group” is led by Neels Kleynhans and aims to get people back on their bikes, or in our case, get first-timers onto a bike! Neither my son nor I had ever cycled further than a few kilometres (mostly in town). Frankly, I haven’t really been on a bike for 27 years and had only acquired mine in December 2021. We joined the Club on 19 January 2022 and when I noticed Neels’ message on the Club WhatsApp group, I was curious to meet some of the members and see how far we could go. Our group was made up of 6 cyclists, including my son and me. At 7:30 we headed out of Kleinmond in the direction of Betty’s after I had warned the other riders that we weren’t going to go all the way and that we’d be turning around when we couldn't go any further. They were all very kind and assured me that they’d wait for us and take it slowly. I thought to myself “Yes, sure, sure, but

The last couple of days were nervous times for us in Kleinmond. The fires raging around our little village kept drawing our eyes, especially at night. Tonight things are looking a lot better from where I stand though and we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to the teams who battled this inferno for days on end. The flames have died down, but the rebuild starts now. We have quite a bit of work to do on our trails, so please come help us. We want to share some photos of the trail conditions with you and also remind you that:1. All the rules are still in effect. Please, stick to the official trails only. You can view and download them from our Trails page. 2. If you do go on the trails, be extra vigilant. The trails are more technically difficult now due to fire debris. Saturday we start rebuilding. Watch the official WhatsApp channel for more information.