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Author: Rijk Stofberg

BikePark tracks Thank you all for your support at the tracks. It is awesome to see all the riders enjoy the jumps and berms. The park staff have been running flat-out with the opening special and we have learned quite a bit about the rhythms involved. One thing we did see is that the tracks need constant maintenance and the staff need some down-time. Due to these considerations the BikePark tracks will be closed on Tuesdays from today. Keep watching our

People coming and going. Loading, carrying, braaing, eating and buying. Generally organised chaos. What a day we had! That was the 1st of October 2022. The day we opened the tracks. Three tracks in fact, because we have a jump track, a skills track and a pump track ready for use. Thank you to each and every one of you that joined us, whether it was to hang out with the other club members, cheer on the riders or show

We want to keep the BikePark and these tracks in the best possible shape. Many of our members lend a hand with that, but we also need a full-time person. Allow me to introduce, Shakes. He helped with the initial build and we now want to retain his services to keep the tracks in excellent order. We require R1500 per week to do this. We are calling on our members to help sponsor these weeks. Pick a week between the 7th

If you have been near the tennis club and the Kleinmond lagoon in the last couple of months, you might have noticed all sorts of things happening at the KCC BikePark. With the help of some professionals and a lot of the club members, we built 3 tracks. On Saturday the 1st of October 2022, we will be launching the new tracks with an open-day. Please come and join us for a ride on our beautiful new bike tracks. This one

Thank you to all the sponsors, builders, helpers and braaiers! In yet another amazing show of support and generosity, many of you chipped in to get the lawn we need to make the park green. Today we worked on planting all that grass so many of our members sponsored. More than just making it beautiful, this grass will stabilise the track edges and protect all that hard work the building team put in. We combined the gardening with a bit of

It's blowing hot and cold here in Kleinmond. The weather might be cold, but our track-building team is bringing the building heat! In true down-hill style, they are not just building they are testing too! Check out the airtime on these shots. Going up! Up, up and away! These are shots on the way down. No, just kidding! Layout looking good! Track, from Arabella side.

The track-building team has been hard at work designing, shaping and polishing not one, but 2 tracks. We are so stoked about this! As soon as these tracks are ready-to-ride, we invite you all for an open day. That's it, you get to ride our new tracks for free on that day! While we try to remain calm and recheck our riding gear, here are some photos of the work that has been done the the past week and-a-bit. Dirt, lots of

All along the lagoon. The Kleinmond and Hermanus MTB clubs recently explored some of the Kleinmond trails together. Bertus van Zyl sent us this update. During our recent Hermanus MTB Club ride we were privileged to ride the Kleinmond Black Route. 10 riders from the club and High School MTB team showed up on Sunday morning, none of us knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to have 4 friendly local riders from the Kleinmond club guide us on a scenic

In the last week, the team of volunteers and builders have been hard at work yet again, to lay the foundations for phase 2, AKA BikePark v2.0! A monumental amount of work has gone into finding, preparing, installing and building the Kiddies Track. Now we are taking it to the next level. First will be the installation of another container. The photos below show the team of amazing volunteers and builders doing the literal groundwork for that.

By: Anelda van der Walt On Saturday 22 January my son (12) and I joined the Kleinmond Cycle Club (KCC) “leisure group” on a ride out to Betty’s Bay. The “leisure group” is led by Neels Kleynhans and aims to get people back on their bikes, or in our case, get first-timers onto a bike! Neither my son nor I had ever cycled further than a few kilometres (mostly in town). Frankly, I haven’t really been on a bike for 27 years