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March 2021

On Saturday 17 July the MTB options are 80 km, 50 km, 30 km and a family fun 15 km ride.

On Sunday 18 July the road race options are 100 km & 50 km

It is so great to be able to have these iconic events back on the calendar and I for one will be there for sure.

I really really need a new bicycle! No I mean it. Mine is old and out of date. Sure, it still works sort-of. Okay, it actually works quite fine to be honest. I still ride it a few times a week and recently did the Brewery to Brewery 80km race without as much as a chain suck. But I can still dream, or even look, can’t I? I can definitely look online, right? Who’s to know where I am browsing? And when I hear my wife walking up, I quickly switch to BBC news ( which I always have open as my go-to page in such cases ).

Did you know that this Western Cape Government initiative offers 5 different routes across the Western Cape?

The aim: to grow cycle tourism in the Western Cape.

The routes are open 24/7/365, free of charge. Simply download the map, pick your pace, plan accordingly, and go for a ride.